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Her best friend, the smart Kiriya Aoi, have a normal life until one day they go to an idol concert. Ichigo has never seen anything like it! Ichigo has never seen anything like it! From that day on Ichigo and Aoi make a choice...That they will become idols!

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Aoi Ichigo. Latest Release(s) v.2 c.20 by Aoi Ichigo 23 days ago v.2 c.19 by Aoi Ichigo about 1 month ago c.18 by Aoi Ichigo about 1 month ago Search for all releases ...

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Hoshimiya Ichigo - Ichigo is Ran's Best Friend and so is Aoi. She cares for them very very much. Kiriya Aoi - Aoi is another one of Ran's best friends. She cares for both Aoi & Ichigo very much. Toudou Yurika - Yurika is a good friend of Ran's, they get along very well but also get mad at each other easily. They get along well many times, but not always the best of friends.

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According to Ichigo, it was how he sealed Ichigo's wounds during his fight with Kenpachi Zaraki. Ichigo's unconscious use of the Blut Vene against Yhwach was also due to the man in black. [12] Despite it being able to seal a fatal wound effectively, the man in black claims there is a limit to how long he can use this technique.

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A shy, affectionate teenage student. Aya is the mystery girl with the ichigo pantsu (strawberry panties—underwear with strawberry patterns) that Junpei seeks at the beginning of the series. Aya starts as a nerdy top student who wears large glasses and unattractive hairstyle.